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Quebec Scene

April 20 to May 5, 2007

Tickets on Sale

Circus and Street Performers

BAM ~ eXplosion

National Arts Centre, Fourth Stage

Donations for ''La Soupe Populaire de Hull'', in cash or non-perishable food, will be greatly appreciated.

BAM eXplosion


You’ve heard of comedy-percussion? BAM spreads pulsating energy with great bursts of laughter and powerful drumbeats! They’ve come home from their world travels to delight their fellow citizens for awhile. Side-splitting comedy and savage drumming virtuosity that electrify the crowd. Characters straight out of a mad cartoon. A unique language spoken only by them… but understood by everyone. Transcultural humour + irresistible rhythms = a truly universal event.

Tickets and Special Offers

Price: $5

NAC Box Office
Ticketmaster: 613.755.1111

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