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Quebec Scene

April 20 to May 5, 2007

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The National Arts Centre

Conceived as a major project of the Federal Government as part of the Centennial celebrations, the National Arts Centre (CNA) opened its doors on June 2, 1969. Since then, it has played an important role in the development of the performing arts in Canada.

Located in Ottawa, close to Parliament Hill, the NAC is an impressive performing arts complex that houses four halls: Southam Hall, with 2,300 seats; the Theatre, containing 850 seats; the Studio, a modular 290-seat hall; and the Fourth Stage, a cabaret-style venue with 150 seats.  The NAC houses four artistic divisions: the National Arts Centre French Theatre, English Theatre, Dance, and Orchestra. It features local musicians in its Fourth Stage as well. The National Arts Centre also plays host to the Canada Dance Festival and Magnetic North Festival, and to the producer of the Zones Théâtrales festival and of the Quebec Scene.

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National Arts Centre

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