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Quebec Scene

April 20 to May 5, 2007

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Compagnie Marie Chouinard ~ bODY_rEMIX/gOLDBERG_vARIATIONS

National Arts Centre, Theatre
 [photo: Marie Chouinard]

Compagnie Marie Chouinard

Coproduced by National Arts Centre Dance

Marie Chouinard, prolific high priestess of dance, explores the stark erotic beauty of emotional extremes. Now at the peak of her creative powers, she offers an interpretation in movement of Bach’s Goldberg Variations (performed by Glenn Gould, remixed by Louis Dufort) in which the dancers interact with a variety of prosthetic devices: crutches, poles, parallel bars, harnesses, sex toys. Repetitive movement twists limbs into orthopedic poses that convey equal parts pleasure and pain. Set design, lighting and props are also by Marie Chouinard.

Note: Nudity.


Tickets and Special Offers

Price: Adults from $32.50, Students from $17.50

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