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Quebec Scene

April 20 to May 5, 2007

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Short and Sweet: Short Films from Quebec

Club SAW

Short and Sweet: Short Films from Quebec

Daring, edgy, wild, intense – discover Quebec’s best short films! Presented in partnership with Vidéographe, a Montreal-based artist-run centre dedicated to innovation in the media arts, and Ottawa’s Available Light Screening Collective, the programme serves up a full movie menu, from features to documentaries, emerging to established artists. Don’t miss this amazing crucible of cinematic creativity!

1. Rules of the Road by Deborah VanSlet (8 minutes)
2. L'horloge interne by Frank Wimart (15 minutes 20)
3. Le Dieu des mères by Évelyne Guay (10 minutes)
4. Flying Days by Pablo Diconca (5 minutes 50)
5. 10 by Philippe Hamelin (1 minute 50)
6. Le Beau Jacques by Stéphane Thibault (17 minutes)
7. Autobiology 15 by Kevin Kelly (3 minutes 05)
8. L'Écho de l'Âme by Hélène Dugas (5 minutes)
9. Hold Me, Don't Let Go by Karina Mariano (6 minutes)
10. Brother by Jean-Marc Superville Sovak (8 minutes)
11. My Heart the Interior Decorator by Nelson Henricks (1 minute 49)

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