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Quebec Scene

April 20 to May 5, 2007

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Storytelling and Literature

Edwige Bage, Jean-Marc Chatel, Eric Gauthier, Nadine Walsh

Maison du Citoyen, Salle Jean-Despréz

Four young (and not so young) storytellers, four different approaches to the world of make-believe – through their own imagination, other people’s, or the collective imagination of a society that’s fascinating for its diversity and its myriad reflections of humanity: cruelty and indifference, kindness and generosity, and the countless shades of grey that lie between the layers. Presented in French.

Éric Gauthier

Éric Gauthier

An obsessive type who’s more than happy to share his obsessions, Éric Gauthier is fascinated by weirdness. He gets a kick out of exploring the bizarre recesses of existence, through fantasy and science-fiction, through mythologies both ancient and modern. He likes to tell stories about what happened, what could happen or what might have happened without anybody noticing…

A native of Abitibi, he studied in Ottawa before ending up in Montreal where he gravitated to the haunts of fellow wordspinners. He has published a novel and several short stories in English and French, and organizes storytelling events as a member of the Productions Cormoran storytelling collective. Éric Gauthier received the Prix Boréal for his science-fiction short story Au jardin comme à la guerre, and his short story Nadia rencontre was shortlisted for the Prix Solaris.

Edwige Bage [photo: Jérôme Lourdais]

Edwige Bage

Edwige Bage trained as an actor and writer, and recently completed a rigorous two-year programme at the renowned Jacques Lecoq international theatre school in Paris. During an earlier European stay she’d become interested in writing and performing for the stage, but it was at the Lecoq school that she discovered storytelling. Back home in Montreal she began participating in the regular Sunday-evening storytelling sessions organized by the Sergent recruteur resto-bar.

Edwige has spun her tales at various festivals and storytelling events in Quebec, Belgium and France. Her repertoire includes traditional folk tales from around the world and original stories created in collaboration with Jacques Pasquet, Olivier Villanove and others.

Her storytelling talent is enhanced by her expressive singing voice, which she uses to perform sensitive renditions of traditional laments and other melodies.

Jean-Marc Chatel

Jean-Marc Chatel

A biologist by training, lover of wilderness, forests and rivers, Jean-Marc Chatel has hung out with trappers, hunters, fisherpersons, foresters and other liars who have often served as models for the characters in his stories. At other times he’s been inspired by the hurly-burly of big city life. From crackling bonfires on the shores of the Caniapiscau River to outdoor cafés on the Rue Saint-Denis, he began telling stories to his paddling companions and friends.

Aside from a few stories by Alphonse Daudet and Louis Fréchette, Jean-Marc’s repertoire comprises tales of his own invention. His stories range from the depths of the Quebec forest to the lively cafés of the Latin Quarter, from familiar classics to cyber-fantasies. Hair-raisingly scary, deliriously funny, tender, sly or subversive, his stories conjure up a rich universe of emotions.

Jean-Marc Chatel has been storytelling professionally for nearly eight years, appearing in theatres across Quebec and in Europe and Africa.

Nadine Walsh [photo: Danielle Bérard]

Nadine Walsh

Over the past 15 years Nadine Walsh has explored a variety of disciplines that complement and enrich each other: dance, puppetry, mime, mask, martial arts, theatre. When she delved into storytelling, however, she discovered an art form that embraced all the others and revealed all their richness and depth. Since then, her compelling presence and superb narrative skills have established her as one of Quebec’s most promising storytellers. Her repertoire includes traditional tales from around the world as well as a few slightly mischievous numbers!

Nadine’s eclectic background informs her lively, evocative and unpretentious storytelling style. She comes across with subtle humour, irony, and a touch of fantasy, intermingling familiar elements with decidedly contemporary twists. In 2006, Nadine Walsh was selected as a member of the Caravane du conte, a touring project based in France and directed by Hassane Kouyaté and Jihad Darwiche that brings together 10 international francophone storytellers.

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