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Quebec Scene

April 20 to May 5, 2007

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Visual and Media Arts

SAW Gallery ~ Human Scale

Multiple dates & times

SAW Gallery
Le discours des éléments, BGL © 2006

Human Scale

The artists chosen for Human Scale all have an unorthodox approach to sculpture and the manipulation of materials. Their works invite the viewer to “penetrate” or “live in” art, borrowing much from the inherent qualities of installation art, architecture, sculpture, public art and design. Going from the outdoor courtyard to the washroom, from public to private spaces, the viewer negotiates her/his rapport with the integrated art.

Featured artists: BGL, Manuela Lalic, Clément de Gaulejac, Josée Dubeau

Curators: Stefan St-Laurent, Tam-Ca Vo-Van

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Price: Free admission

Tickets: Free Admission

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