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Quebec Scene

April 20 to May 5, 2007

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Visual and Media Arts

AXENÉO7 ~ The Superficiality In Question

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Drunknmunky (detail), Éric Ladouceur © 2006

The Superficiality In Question

This exhibition examines the relationship between the individual and our consumer society, and positions the notion of superficiality as something other than the common meeting place of a frivolous world. The image is not always as empty as it may seem. Gontran Brennan, a hairstylist by profession, uses human hair as his primary material. Éric Ladouceur creates installations that follow the trails left by body hair,
while Mathieu Gaudet uses birch bark to produce minimalist
abstract paintings.

Featured artists: Gontran Brennan, Mathieu Gaudet, Éric Ladouceur
Curator: François Chalifour

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