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Quebec Scene

April 20 to May 5, 2007

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Visual and Media Arts

The Ottawa Art Gallery ~ Rereading

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Ottawa Art Gallery
Mallarmé́, The Book (Reading Room) Klaus Scherübel © 1999-2005


Artists : Angela Grauerholz, Klaus Scherübel, Raymonde April
Curator : Jacques Doyon

This exhibition comprises three works by Angela Grauerholz, Klaus Scherübel and Raymonde April. Each is a rereading of an earlier work, a fresh interpretation of a substantial cultural matrix that contrasts fragmentary, anecdotal and circumstantial elements with an idealized grasp of the total experience. Each work enlists a rich visual and literary culture as an essential tool for comprehending the complexity of the experience. For these artists, every reading of the world constitutes a rereading of past representations.

April 7 – June 3

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