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Quebec Scene

April 20 to May 5, 2007

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Les Goules

Le Petit Chicago

Direct from Quebec City, Les Goules invade the stage with their wild costumes and explosive performance. Both tender and forceful, their songs are disturbing, full of humour, irony and bite. Swimming against the current from the start, they deliver theatrical and poetic rock with perseverance, originality and integrity. "Asylum metal glam rock" for a completely unhinging evening.

Les Goules [photo: Pierre-Yves Lavoie]

Les Goules

Formed in July 2001, Les Goules quickly attracted attention for their high-energy franco-rock, attention-grabbing lyrics and original staging. Just under a year later, after performing several live shows in Quebec City and Montreal, they released their self-titled, self-produced debut album. Les Goules were all over the local community and university airwaves; they garnered enthusiastic praise from the local print media, and made it to the semi-finals of the 2002–03 Francouvertes music competition.

Now with two self-produced albums to their credit (and a third in the works), Les Goules have performed throughout their native province and show remarkable staying power for an independent band—from Quebec, no less! Iconoclasts from the start, they deliver theatrical, lyrical rock that really stands out from the crowd.

Their trademarks are dedication, originality and artistic integrity. Constantly updating and fine-tuning their performances, firmly committed to delivering unique original material to a discerning audience of faithful fans, they’ve carved out a very special place in Quebec’s musical landscape.


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