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Quebec Scene

April 20 to May 5, 2007

Tickets on Sale


GrimSkunk, Vulgaires machins, Arseniq33, Le volume était au maximum * CANCELLED *

Robert-Guertin Arena

On May 1, Quebec Scene organizers regretfully announced the cancellation of the rock mega-concert originally scheduled for May 5 at the Robert Guertin Centre in Gatineau, featuring Grimskunk, Vulgaires Machins, Arseniq33 and Le volume était au maximum.

Quebec Scene apologizes for any inconvenience to ticket holders. For a full refund, please return your ticket(s) to the Robert Guertin Centre or call 819 773 7360 (credit card purchases only). The Centre’s business hours are 12:00 to 17:00, Monday through Friday; on Saturday, May 5 only, hours will be 12:00 to 22:00.


Arseniq33, the “ultimate destructorchestra,” launches a hardcore mix of ska, polka, metal and other eclectic sounds. Passionate social and political activists, they deliver a powerful call to action—for Quebec independence, against globalization, police brutality and exploitation. The quintet’s skin-tight Lycra costumes complete the picture!

Arseniq33 is Yannick Pilon (guitar and vocals), Alexandre Fecteau (alto saxophone and vocals), Vincent Montreuil (baritone saxophone and vocals), Éric Poissant (bass), and Pierre Pitre (drums and vocals).




For about a dozen years now, Grimskunk has been sweeping across North America and Europe like a hurricane, leaving a trail of punk rock, progressive and world music in its wake. Never swerving from its solid musical integrity and image, Grimskunk has become one of the most popular and influential rock groups on the contemporary scene.

Backed by its own label, Indica Records, Grimskunk continues to expand its international network, exploring and incorporating music from every corner of the globe and constantly adding new fans to the ranks of its faithful followers.


Le Volume était au maximum

Le Volume était au maximum

Le Volume était au maximum was born at the turn of the millennium in Granby, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. Bitterly disappointed by his musical experiences and the Quebec music industry, Johnny Love - a guy as creative as he is bizarre - sat down alone in his basement and started composing little pop-punk gems on his computer. Inspired by his favourite band, The Queers, and by such rock giants as the Beach Boys, The Undertones, Sparks and even Corey Hart, he came up with a super-pop, super-chewy electronic sugar-pop punk. His first albums flew pretty much under the radar… but then he got a band together and started performing live, and people sat up and took notice. Le Volume’s career took off with the release of their 2006 album Radio maximum.

Band members: Johnny Love (vocals and guitar), Joakim City (drums), Catherine Love-City (Farfisa and vocals), Friedrish Van Volsen (Moog), Delroy Tchang (bass and vocals).


Vulgaires Machins

This young quartet—Guillaume Beauregard (vocals and guitar, lead singer/songwriter), Marie-Ève Roy (vocals and guitar), Maxime Beauregard (bass) and Patrick Landry (drums)—started out in Granby, Quebec in 1995 and moved to the bright lights of Montreal in 2000.

Their energy hasn’t waned a bit over the years: they’re still pounding out punk rock with a West Coast flavour heightened by tight melodies and arrangements. Their uncompromising original songs (in French) tackle social and political issues, offering a lucid, sarcastic view of our world.

With five albums, a European tour and an indie label (Indica Records) behind them, Vulgaires Machins continue to evolve and explore, honing their sound from one gig to the next. And they’ll keep going “as long as there’s fun and passion to be found” (Guillaume Beauregard, Radio-Canada Espace Musique).


Tickets and Special Offers

Ticket holders can obtain a full refund at by presenting themselves in person at the Robert-Guertin Arena or by telephoning (819) 773-7360 for those who purchased their tickets by credit card only. The Arena is open Monday to Friday Noon to 5pm and Saturday May 5th the arena will remain open until 10pm on an exceptional basis.

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