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Quebec Scene

April 20 to May 5, 2007

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Rythmes nouveaux ~ Magnéto

Maison du Citoyen, Salle Jean-Despréz


Rick Haworth, Mario Légaré and Sylvain Clavette – front and centre at last! Three of Quebec’s most sought-after musicians perform numbers from their brilliant self-titled debut album, Magnéto(winner of a Félix award at the 2005 ADISQ Gala). Instrumental at heart, Magnéto emerged primarily from sound experiences, themes laid down over floating textures, sublime interactions, fluid lines, and ever-present tension. Tune in to their wavelength... it’s a musical happening!

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Price: Adults $20.00, Students $15.00 (With ID),


Students tickets are half price for this event

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