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Quebec Scene

April 20 to May 5, 2007

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The Quebec Scene will set the stage for an exciting meeting between artistic creation and presentation. This event will enable national and international presenters to discover contemporary Quebec talent and bring it back to their own audiences.

During spring 2007, the Alberta Scene led to productive encounters and promoted business relations between Albertan artists and over 80 national and international presenters of artistic events. The results were outstanding! A number of artists from Alberta Scene were hired to perform in festivals and concerts, negotiated recording and distribution contracts, signed on with talent agencies, and enjoyed widespread media coverage.

And we intend to repeat this exploit for Quebec artists during spring 2007.

The Quebec Scene presenters program will allow over 90 of the most important performing arts professionals working within cultural organizations that have a keen interest in Quebec’s cultural activities to explore, develop, and build lasting business relationships with the province’s artists.

Would you like to join us and discover all of the wonders of Quebec’s eclectic arts scene? Simply send your contact information to:

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